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What Camp Trillium means to #irongabe and family

Never in our lives did we imagine that our family would be struck with a cancer diagnosis.. But we have been.. and its not an adult that was chosen.. It was the strongest member of our family... Gabriel Crimeli

Gabriel was diagnosed family day weekend 2017.  He didn't know the battle ahead of him but he used every superpower imaginable and became our cancer fighting superhero kicking the evil villain "Lukie Leukaemia's" BUTT!!..

Along the way we were introduced to Camp Trillium .. I cannot even begin to tell you how big of an impact this camp has had on our journey. Going to camp is such a dose of happy medicine not only for Gabe, but our whole family. Its an inclusive camp which is a HUGE love of ours. Cancer has not only effected our hero but our family as a whole. We all have a place to go and meet other families who understand this road less traveled. 
We love knowing that Gabe will be able to spend a week ALONE at overnight camp this summer, attend day camps with his sisters and also Family camp as a family of 5. 
There is no cost to us.. but this is the medicine that cannot be prescribed. Its the one that does the inner healing. Something we cannot put into words.

This camp has given us so much strength that we cannot help but want to continue to give back.. 

Please help us in our fundraising ... all donations will go directly to camp... Our hopes is to raise $10k and spend an extra weekend at camp as a family!!! 

Thank you for your continued support. 


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