Register Now for the 4th Annual North Shore Challenge!

The North Shore Challenge takes place on Sunday, July 15th, 2018, in beautiful Norfolk County, ON, with distances of 1km, 3.8km, and 10km, we offer challenges for young and old, rookie open water swimmers to grizzled veterans, triathletes and pool swimmers alike. And with this year’s Team Challenge, we live the adage of “Never Swim Alone”!

Here's how you sign up:
  1. You can sign up either as an individual; you can create a team and encourage others to participate as well; or, if someone you know has already created a team, you can join theirs.
  2. Next, provide us with a bit of information about you, so we can keep you up to date as the event takes shape.
  3. Let us know how you would like to participate in the event, including:
    • Whether you will be swimming with a wetsuit, or without one;
    • Choose your course: 1 km or 3.8 km
    • Whether you would like to be a part of our random draw to be upgraded to the 10 km course (eligible to 3.8 km swimmers only who raise $100 or more)
After you pay your registration fee, you're signed up! We will redirect you to your personal participation and fundraising site, which you can share with your friends & family, and encourage them to support you.

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